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Huawei Access Point 362(11ax indoor,2+2 dual bands,smart antenna)

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Item Specification
Installation Type
  • Wall
  • Ceiling
  • T-Rail
Dimensions without packaging (H x W x D) [mm(in.)] Diameter x depth: 180 mm x 35 mm (7.09 in. x 1.38 in.)
Dimensions with packaging (H x W x D) [mm(in.)] 200 mm x 231 mm x 52 mm (7.87 in. x 9.09 in. x 2.05 in.)
Weight without packaging [kg(lb)] 0.46 kg (1.01 lb)
Weight with packaging [kg(lb)] 0.80 kg (1.76 lb)
Storage NAND Flash 256 MB
Console port None
Maximum power consumption [W] 11.2 W
Power supply mode
  • DC adapter
  • PoE
Rated input voltage [V] 12 V
Input voltage range [V]

DC: 12 V ± 10%

PoE: 802.3af

Service port surge protection

PoE port:

Common mode (8 wires to ground): 4 kV (1.2/50 us, 42 ohms), criterion C

Maximum number of physical ports on the entire device GE (RJ45) x 1, 10M/100M/1000M auto-sensing
Long-term operating temperature [°C(°F)] –10°C to +50°C (14°F to 122°F) (From 1800 m to 5000 m [5905.51 ft. to 16404.20 ft.], the maximum temperature of the device decreases by 1°C [1.8°F] for every 300 m [984.25 ft.] increase in altitude.)
Storage temperature [°C(°F)] –40°C to +70°C (–40°F to +158°F)
Long-term operating relative humidity [RH] 5% RH to 95% RH, non-condensing
Long-term operating altitude [m(ft.)] –60 m to +5000 m (–196.85 ft to +16404.20 ft)
Atmospheric pressure [kPa] 53kPa - 106kPa ETSI 300 019-2-3
Ground floating ground
BLE Not supported
Radio number 2
Operating frequency band
  • 2.4GHz
  • 5GHz
MIMO spatial streams

Radio 0 (2.4 GHz): 2x2

Radio 1 (5 GHz): 2x2

Wi-Fi standard

2.4 GHz: 802.11b/g/n/ax

5 GHz: 802.11a/n/ac/ac Wave 2/ax

Radio interface Built-in smart antennas
Antenna gain


4 dBi/chain (peak)

2 dBi (combined gain)


5 dBi/chain (peak value)

3 dBi (combined gain)

Maximum transmit power


20 dBm/chain

23 dBm (combined power)


20 dBm/chain

23 dBm (combined power)

Singal radio transmit power [dBm]

2.4G: -10 dBm to 20 dBm/chain

5G: -10 dBm to 20 dBm/chain

MTBF [year] 205.07 year
MTTR [hour] 0.5 hour
Frequency stability [ppm] +/-20
802.3bt power supply description No function is limited.
802.3at power supply description No function is limited.
802.3af power supply description No function is limited.
DC power supply description No function is limited.